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Decoy - Soon as Steam Early Access

1 March, 2018 - 16:17

Decoy is coming to Steam Early Access!

Happy to announce that Decoy – a fast-paced top-view action game, is coming to Steam Early Access! The date is not carved in any stone yet, but it’s planned to launch sometime during spring 2018!

About Decoy:
Decoy is a fast-paced top-view action game, in which you get to take on the role as The Decoy!
As Decoy, you'll be led by The Commander, an odd character who will send you on an exciting journey of crazy missions. A journey full of slippery roads, magnetic mines, fast bomb planes, tanks and EMP-dropping choppers.

Your job will be to enter enemy territory, and while an infiltration-team is searching the premises for information, you will distract the enemy to ensure their safety. With no means to defend yourself, your vehicle is your only tool. Your goal - Distract, Evade and SURVIVE
As the story unfolds and the mission gets more intense, it's obvious there's more going on than ever expected. The situation will soon take a turn to the worse and you will find your job as Decoy to be more important than ever imagined.

Why Early Access?
“Early Access is a great way for us to gather valuable feedback while still in development. We care much about our players and their thoughts. Their feedback will be a great asset while finalizing the game.

"How long will it be in Early Access?
“It depends on the feedback we get and on how much we decide to add before the final release. Our current goal is to have the final release in the end of 2018.”

Decoy will feature:

  • Single player: A story-based campaign with increasing difficulty and stars that can be used to purchase upgrades and special abilities.
  • Multiplayer: Join up with friends for a race, pick-up challenge or take on an infinite map to see who can survive the longest. Use powerups to sabotage for the others and let the best Decoy win!
  • Steam workshop: With an editor that lets you create your own multiplayer maps.
  • Single player - Infinite mode: A fun way to challenge yourself and see how long you can survive the increasing enemy attacks. Infinite mode also provides Steam Leaderboards.

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About Mexond Games:
Decoy is developed and published by Mexond Games.
Mexond Games is an indie game studio located on Gotland, Sweden. Developing for Steam, Windows Store (With Xbox Live), Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Xbox360, Mexond is most known for their games: Animated Puzzles, Animated Puzzles Star and T-Kara Puzzles.


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